“I will be cautious but optimistic I can do what I have been doing since I was elected – building bridges”

Nationalist Euro MP Roberta Metsola has declared she is proud of the result she achieved yesterday, adding that she accepted the result with humility.

Interviewed on TVAM, which is transmitted on TVMNews+, Metsola said the election was difficult as she was competing with colleagues and friends and she had to work to convince some 180 members of the European Popular Party that she was the best candidate who could win in the whole Parliament and above all, the best candidate to lead the Parliament.

Metsola was giving her comments after yesterday winning the candidature for the Presidential election of the European Parliament on behalf of the European Popular Party (PPE). Metsola, who contested with two other Euro MPs, obtained 64% of the votes of Euro MPs from the PPE. She obtained 112 votes in the first vote count, in which 174 PPE MPs voted. Dutch MP Esther de Lange obtained 44 votes and Austrian MP Othmar Karas obtained 18 votes.

Robert Metsola’s next step now is to continue to prepare herself for the election for President of the European Parliament which is expected to be held on 17 January. As she explained, the election has to be held and it is certain that others will contest for the post.

Metsola explained that she will start straight away with negotiation meetings to see whether there can again be a coalition agreement. A similar agreement had been achieved in 2019 when the actual President, David Sassoli, had been given support to be able to lead. The agreement comes to an end at the end of his mandate.

As Metsola explained, if she is elected in January she will be the first female president in the last 20 years and the first one from a small nation.

Dr Metsola said she will be cautious, but she is optimistic that she can do what she has been doing since she was elected, building bridges with whoever is prepared to work for the good of the Maltese and Gozitans as well as for all citizens of the European Union.