Ibuprofen is being studied as possible treatment for Covid-19

Despite the concerns which were raised at the peak of the pandemic in connection with the medicine,  ibuprofen, this is now being studied with the aim of being used as a treatment for Covid-19.

A few weeks ago it was being reported that ibuprofen, which is used against inflammation and as a pain killer, can aggravate the symptoms of Covid-19, and therefore it is being recommended that instead people should take paracetamol.

However it turns out that this fear was unfounded after a study by the Medicines Commission which concluded that ibuprofen, like paracetamol, reduces symptoms which are similar to flu and brings down fever.

Scientists from Guy’s and St Thomas hospital in London and King’s College believe that the ibuprofen can reduce the breathing problems caused by Covid-19, and reduces the need for patients to be on a ventilator.

The study which is called Liberate, will use different formulas of ibuprofen, instead of the pills which are usually used.  Animal testing has shown that this medicine can reduce breathing problems and it will now also be used on Covid-19 patients.

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