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“Decisions which need to be taken will be taken” – PM on Chris Cardona

Prime Minister Robert Abela has stated that the judicial process is ongoing, and in reference to Chris Cardona’s position within the Party indicated he will be taking the necessary decisions at a later stage.

Dr Abela was speaking after being asked by the media about the tenability of Chris Cardona as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, in the wake of references made to him in court on Monday, during the sitting on the compilation of evidence into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Dr Cardona has denied the allegations.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Dr Cardona is not a member of the Cabinet and is also not an MP. “I am following the judicial process like everyone else, and naturally, afterwards one has to reach one’s conclusions,” the Prime Minister added.

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Party has reacted on this case, asking yesterday, among other issues, whether there was some pact between Robert Abela and Joseph Muscat so that Chris Cardona would not be removed from Deputy Leader, and asking also whether the Prime Minister was going to ask the Police to investigate what had been stated about Chris Cardona and about Silvio Valletta.

And in a statement today, Alternattiva Demokratika stated that the Police investigate every piece of information as long as they are left free to act, but the Labour Party has a political obligation in these circumstances to remove Chris Cardona from Deputy Leader.

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