‘If I can do it, everyone can.’ Drug-free recovering addict talks about his misspent youth

Growing up, his mother had a drug problem, and his father died of a drug overdose. In addition to bringing up his brother in his younger days, he even ended up in prison. For almost four years now, Ryan Vella has been drug free and has come up with a song to encourage all those entering a drug rehabilitation program to keep at it.

With a shy smile, Ryan Vella says that during Covid 19 since people were no longer being admitted to the drug rehabilitation program, he wrote a song to encourage them to remain determined to change their lives. In the song, Ryan mentions his difficult upbringing and the fact that his mother used to sell drugs while his father died of an overdose . As a result not only was he deprived of a care-giver, he also had to raise his younger brothers.

“I used to cook for my siblings, I spent a lot of time with them at home between the ages of 13 to 17 I was always with them and I’d take them out.”

Ryan Vella completed two drug rehabilitation programs and has now been drug-free for almost four years. He said that he wanted to be an inspiration to those who were in the same boat he was before doing the program.

“Even more than those starting the program, I want to give courage to those who haven’t decided to do it yet. If I can do it, everyone can.”

Ryan told us that the first step toward recovery was accepting that you had a problem.

“Don’t be like me I wasted the best nine years of my life before I decided – I wasted my twenties.”

Ryan Vella warned that drugs rob you of everything in your life and ruin you and those around you.