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If it was for PN, no elections are held in various localities – PL, PN reacts

The day after the closing date for nominations by candidates for local elections, the Labour Party said that if it was for the Nationalist Party the elections will not be held in various localities and that they will be held because the Labour Party presented more candidate so that the electorate will have the opportunity to exercise the right to vote.

Addressing a press conference, the party’s two deputy leaders Chris Fearne and Chris Cardona, together with PL President Daniel Micallef, stated that a manoeuvre was made by the Nationalist Party to avoid the election in 21 localities.

Minister Fearne said that in various localities the Nationalist Party presented a number of candidates equal or less than it currently has as councillors. Minister Cardona stated that the situation in the Nationalist Party led to its own people not to believe in their own party. He also mentioned the case of two mayors in Gozo – at Għarb and Żebbuġ – who chose to contest as independent candidates.

Architect Micallef said that this shows that people do not still look at the Nationalist Party as the solution in their locality and that it is not finding candidates to contest in its name. He noted that the Labour Party has a record number of candidates, almost 100 more than the Nationalist Party.

Reacting, the Nationalist Party said that in the coming elections it has 100 candidates more than its current councillors. The party’s secretary general Clyde Puli, spokesperson for councils Robert Cutajar and councils’ coordinator Charles Bonello said that it is the Labour Party which is undemocratic because it cancelled 16 local elections of administrative committees in hamlets and denied the vote to thousands of voters. The Nationalist Party stated that, with the same argument of the Labour Party, the latter did not present candidates in some localities in which the election is being held because there are enough Nationalist candidates.

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