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“If people were more responsible, the risks to turtles could be avoided” – Nature Trust

Turtles are ending up being massacred because of pollution, especially from the plastic in the sea.  Nature Trust, which runs a programme which cares for and when possible, rescues turtles, says that many of the risks may be avoided if people were more responsible. The President of Nature Trust, Vince Attard said that the rubbish which ends up in the seas is increasing to the detriment of turtles which are important for our eco-system.

Vince Attard said, “we are seeing a great increase in the number of turtles which come up on land and which are not injured by a fish hook or because they were hit by a boat, but many times because of the plastic which ends up in their stomach. We had cases where three turtles even lost a flipper because they were so entangled by the plastic that their circulation was cut off.  Another species which was a leather back turtle, the rarest of all, died because it had four plastic bags inside of it.”

Mr Attard appealed to the public on the beaches and boat owners to dispose of their rubbish in a responsible way.

“We are even seeing garbage bags floating in the sea and we appeal to people who have a boat not to throw their rubbish straight into the sea because this eventually will be swallowed by sea creatures and end up in our own plates,”

Nature Trust also appealed to authorities to hurry up on the banning of single-use plastic. Mr Attard said that this type of plastic causes the greatest harm to the environment because it is used once and then thrown away.

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