If you are a photography enthusiast and interested in historic heritage…

Wiki Loves Monuments is a photography competition with the theme: cultural heritage. digital curator Angie Balzan said that this year the Maltese are also being encouraged to compete by sending photographic material that show the beauty of monuments and historic sites around the country.

“Some 40 countries participate in this competition. They encourage people to photograph historic sites and monuments in their country and then these are uploaded on Wikipedia. The competition in Malta ends on the 30th September. We encourage people to visit where there are all the details of the competition”.

Ms Balzan emphasized that participants do not need to be professional photographers but that they view the list of eligible sites for the competition, take pictures and upload them.

“After the competition closes, the judges will select the best 10 and these will compete on Wiki Loves Monuments on an international level. It will be a great honour if we manage to compete internationally with a photograph from Malta.”

Apart from prizes connected with the competition, Balzan stated that it will be a personal honour that a photo of a Maltese participant is uploaded on Wikipedia where it will be accessed worldwide.