If you are a property broker “you have to register by September”

Parliamentary Secretary for Construction Chris Agius has declared that anyone working in property sales has to notify the Real Estate Board by mid-September in order to obtain a licence which will be mandatory from the beginning of next year for anyone working in this sector.

With effect from next year brokers and property agents will need a licence to operate in this sector. This emerges from a law that came into effect last year, and which lays down that anyone working in the property sales sector has to be trained and must obtain this licence which is valid for five years.

The Parliamentary Secretary stated that to date, 1,500 persons have expressed an interest in applying for the licence, adding that another 1,000 persons working in the sector have still not kicked off the process to be licenced.

“I am seeing there are about 2,500 to 3,000 persons working in this sector, and we are appealing to those who have not fallen into line to ensure everything is in place and see the online application with the Real Estate Board for the eventual issuing of their licence,” the Parliamentary Secretary stated.

Mr Agius added that there are about eight schools offering courses for persons working in property sales to enable them to obtain a licence.

“The law provides also that those operating without a licence will incur considerable administrative fines, and my appeal is that those who want to work according to the law are to ensure that by 17 September the Board will have all the necessary information.”

Mr Agius added that anyone not contacting the Board by mid-September will not be guaranteed a licence by the beginning of next year.