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“If you fulfil your responsibilities by respecting life, you are building on good foundations” – Auxiliary Bishop to graduates

From Monday, the University of Malta will see the start of a number of graduation ceremonies for 3500 students, more than 60% of which are women. During a thanksgiving Mass, the Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi gave a Christian meaning on what it means to have a successful life and appealed to the graduates to build their careers on solid foundations such as honesty and dignity and to remain active in society.

Over the next few days, 3,500 students will reach the peak of their years of study, which are often marked by difficult periods and challenging obstacles,  with their graduation at the University which is celebrating. 250 years since its foundation.

As from Monday at the Jesuits Church and the Sir Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta, there will be 29 ceremonies, including one for 30 students who are expected to graduate with a doctorate.

As has been the trend over the last few years, once again this year there will be more female graduates than male. From statistics obtained from the University it appears that 2150, or 61% of the graduates will be women.

During the Mass, the Auxiliary Bishop told the graduates that from the words of Jesus one can find many wonderful values which can guide them towards a life of success.

He said that if graduates fulfil their responsibilities by showing respect towards the life and dignity of each person with complete honesty, then they would be building on a solid foundation. He urged them not to become withdrawn and to overcome the temptation to be self-serving or to only do things for their own personal gain at the expense of their principles. Bishop Galea-Curmi said that those who live like this may appear to be successful but in reality they are only building a life on grains of sand.

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