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If you have never been to Sydney, you can at least see Harbour Bridge in Kercem

Those who have never visited Australia and walked along the iconic bridge in Sydney known as Harbour Bridge, on Saturday can see a replica of it in Kercem, Gozo, as part of the fireworks festival on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

Bicycles which were no longer in use and were going to be thrown away have been brought back to life in an artistic work which 14 volunteers from the Kercem fireworks committee have been working on for the last six weeks to create a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“We try to use recycled materials as much as possible so that we can continue to care for the environment”, said Ganni Sultana, one of the committee members.

In fact, the large structure, which will be the main attraction at the fireworks festival on Saturday, also includes other material which has been recycled.

“It is all recycled, these are objects which were going to be thrown away and which we collected to create this structure,” explained  another member, Johann Camilleri.

Over the last few years, the village which is home to less than 2000 residents, has become synonymous with festival shows with a difference, inspired by distinctive monuments from other countries. After building the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and a train, this year they chose to build the iconic steel Sydney bridge which was inaugurated in 1932.

“One half of it will be on one side and the other will be on the other side, and both sides are on wheels so that they can be moved and come to together to form the bridge, which includes 2,000 moving parts. The whole thing will start moving at once and it will come together there and then”, explained Jonathan Mercieca, the committee secretary.

On every pillar holding up the bridge there will be fireworks which will be let off on Saturday as well, while the ground fireworks will start immediately afterwards. On Friday evening, from the area of Għajn Tuta, another fireworks show, synchronised with music, will be held.

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