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If you test positive for Covid 19 and don’t self-isolate you risk a €10,000 fine

With effect from today, people who test positive for Coronavirus and are ordered to self-isolate will be fined 10 thousand euro every time they are are discovered away from their home during police checks.

Yesterday evening, the government announced that people infected with COVID 19, and who have not be hospitalized, must remain in isolation under medical observation.

Until yesterday, people who were quarantined – both as a precautionary measure and those who tested positive – were being fined € 3,000 for violating these orders. The fine has now been upped to 10 thousand euro for people who test positive and do not respect mandatory isolation.

During the past 24 hours, one person was found breaching the obligatory quarantine during the 303 inspections in Malta and 28 in Gozo. The inspections are being held by health and Civil Protection officers.

Meanwhile, various establishments complied with restrictions to remain closed to reduce infections in the community. No establishment was found open during the 3,400 inspections carried out. There is a fine of €3,000 for those who breach the restrictions.

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