Agreement signed for Malta laboratory to test cannabis medicinal products

Malta Enterprise and the prestigious Italian University of La Sapienza have signed a preliminary agreement to establish a laboratory of excellence in Malta to test cannabis medical products. The Minister for the Economy, Chris Cardona, said that 17 companies have been approved by Malta Enterprise to produce cannabis medical products.

The agreement was signed by Professor Bruno Botta on behalf of the La Sapienza University and Malta Enterprise CEO, Mario Galea.

Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista said that as a result of the laboratory the Authority for Medicines will be able to verify and certify new medical products.

He said that when speaking of medical cannabis one is talking of about 200 substances that exist in this plant and means these will be analysed. The PS said the relevant apparatus had been inspected in Rome and the Malta laboratory will have similar apparatus and make use of the necessary know-how.

Malta Enterprise CEO, Mario Galea, said that even though the companies have their own laboratories, these are not sufficient.

He said an independent laboratory is needed to ensure that all that is tested in private laboratories is actual and valid.

Minister Cardona said that after Malta had become a pioneer in the field by legislating the production of medicinal cannabis, the country has to be equipped with a laboratory like this to ensure a reputation of excellence for the industry. He said that 17 companies had already been approved and some applications rejected as they did not attain the required standards.


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