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Malta urged to take greater measures to combat human trafficking

For the seventh successive year the US State Department regarding human trafficking has found that Malta has not attained the minimum standards to fight against this problem. The annual report gives an account of the situation in countries throughout the world. Regarding Malta, the report notes that greater efforts are being made by the Maltese Authorities to combat this problem. It also urges Malta to take further measures to address situations that potentially lead to human trafficking.

The report details sectors that are most exposed to trafficking, including domestic servants as well as the sex industry and also indicates countries that are potentially vulnerable for human trafficking. The report spotlights massage parlours as a potential area and urges greater measures for those involved in such criminality.

In a statement the Government said it welcomes US observations that the country is making greater efforts to combat human trafficking. The Parliamentary Secretariat for reform is determined to continue to strengthen endeavours to combat trafficking through the creation of a national strategy. A series of meetings with experts and members of civil society have already been launched for the Government to strengthen its strategy in this sphere.