August Moon Ball to be held on the third Saturday of August

This year’s August Moon Ball will be held without any dancing and will be held two Saturdays later than usual … but it will be held. Thus the scope of the Ball will be achieved, that of raising funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. In the words of President George Vella, the requests and amount of support being requested has continued to increase, particularly for medicines related to cancers. This year the Ball will be held on the third Saturday in August, on 21st August, and will be held under directive from the Public Health Authorities.

The Chairman of the event’s Organising Committee, the Marquis Daniel de Petri Testaferrata, said this year the tradition will be maintained and the Ball organised on the third Saturday in August, in anticipation of the full moon in the next month.

The Marquis said that in view of pandemic complications it is not easy to organise such a Ball but maintained it is still be held in order to raise funds for the Foundation. Everything being planned is approved by the Public Health Authority on the lines of their directives for weddings.

The directives include that diners will enter via two separate entrances, food will be provided by two caterers and every entrant will have to provide a vaccination certificate or the results of a swab test. Music will be provided by the AFM and Police bands and will be accompanied by various singers.

President Vella said this event marks mid-summer and even though it will be a Ball without dancing, the spirit is unanimous, that those attending are helping those who are in need and want. The President emphasised it has been a difficult year for all and a number of fund-raising events have not been held.

He said the number of cases requesting help is always increasing, especially the demands for medicines for cancer treatment as well as that people are living longer and therefore require more medications. There are some who have been continually taking pills for over 3.5 years. Events such as Rockestra and the Fun Run had to be cancelled and there are appeals from many different charities. He said these all have the right to launch appeals to gather funds, but all these are from the same pool and that makes the overall situation difficult.

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