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A Christmas meal by Caritas with a difference – a hot meal to be delivered to the doorstep

It had become an annual appointment that those who are alone at this time of the year and for Christmas, resort to Caritas to attend a communal meal for the holding of a Christmas Lunch. This is an event that has been growing year by year and was being extended also for those families n need.

Sadly, this year, because of Covid restrictions issued by the Health Authorities, this gathering will not be possible. However, Caritas Malta will still be distributing a Christmas Lunch for all those who are in need.

Caritas Director, Anthony Gatt, said that on Christmas Day about 800 meals will be delivered to needy families and individuals thanks to the collaboration of local parishes, Church entities and voluntary organisations. He said those who find it difficult to prepare their meal will be supplied with a meal and those who needy who will prepare a meal will be visited anyway and provided with a small gift delivered to their doorstep.

Over 250 volunteers will help in the distribution which will take place between 11 am and 2 pm on Christmas Day, while Caritas has provided a telephone number for those who feel lonely to contact persons who communicate with them and keep them company. Other volunteers will visit the homes of those who suffer solitude and give them a message of encouragement.

Archbishop Charles J Scicluna praised the initiative and enthusiasm being displayed by Caritas for those families that are most vulnerable and appealed to the rest of the community to also rally around those who are lonely and vulnerable and remain in contact with words of comfort for them not to feel solitude.

He said that a telephone call or a message on social media will enable people to cheer each other up and also serve to show that Christmas is not a time for over indulgence but to show that the heart reflects the love of Jesus Christ.

The Office of the President and the Fondazzjoni Alfred Mizzi will take care of organising this Christmas gesture for 800 families and individuals who will be provided with a warm meal and a dessert for them to be able to enjoy Christmas like the rest of the community.