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Families in Malta increase by 12%

On the occasion of International Family Day, official statistics show that between 2013 and 2017, families in Malta have increased by 12%. During a conference organised by the Ministry for Families, family therapist Charles Azzopardi stated that family separations are causing poverty status, while Dr Rene Camilleri urged the Government and the Church to work together for the benefit of families.

According to figures from the National Office for Statistics (NSO), between 2013 and 2017, families have increased by 12% and numbered 61,255 families. The statistics showed that the majority of families, that is 20,412, are that of two adults and one child. In addition there were 16,200 families of two adults and two children. One parent families make up 4% of the total with 7,300 adults raising children.

Dr Charles Azzopardi said that while many families have increased their income there are also families facing poverty because of growing numbers of separations. He said that family challenges are always ongoing.

He said the greatest challenge is the time element, balancing work time with family time and balancing finance with family time, both of which are necessary.

Fr Rene Camilleri said society is undergoing daily changes and this necessitates among others that Government and Church work more together to provide solutions.

He said of equal importance every individual should be aware of their role in the family.

The Minister for the Family, Michael Falzon, said his Ministry has the responsibility to improve life-style qualities for people, including those vulnerable. Dr Falzon said that over a six-year period the Government’s social spending has increased by 50% to reach €1,800 million. He said the Government has to continue to work to eliminate poverty and address the challenges of social accommodation.

The Main Permanent Secretary, Mario Cutajar, said that in the social sphere the Government does not believe in charity but in the common and universal rights of people. With this in mind the Government has launched centres for families and the public to be served better by Government services.

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