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Church youth section warns of misinformation on the use of cannabis

The Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN) has published a document outlining its position as part of the Government’s consultation programme regarding the White Paper “Lejn it-Tisħiħ tal-Qafas Legali għall-Użu Responsabbli tal-Kannabis” (Toward Moving to a Legal Framework for the Responsible Use of Cannabis).

The MCYN is an entity with the Malta Archdiocese and works with youths and represents over 100 youth groups, said it is against the use of psychoactive substances that cause damage whether in a legal or illegal manner.

It maintained that its major concern over the White Paper is that it may lead to the normalisation and popularisation of the use of cannabis among adolescents and youths who may be led into thinking that cannabis is not damaging for them.

According to the MCYN the White Paper makes no clear distinction between the benefits or perils of recreational cannabis as if these two factors are in the same equal fold.

It further maintained that it agrees to the decriminalisation of personal use by adults so that dependents are not handed prison sentences but are given the appropriate help and support.

Simultaneously it insisted on an educational campaign stressing preventive measures that a person should take to keep away from substances such as cannabis.

The MCYN said the legislation should make dispositions so that protection is provided for minors and to reduce the use of cannabis while also protecting those adults that are at high risk of suffering health damages.

This in particular when taking into consideration that scientific studies show that the use of cannabis for those aged between 21 and 25 risk the effects of resultant damages.