French fashion company Saint Laurent to stop using animal skins

The gigantic French company Saint Laurent through its major company Kering has announced that as from next year it will no longer fashion clothes using animal skins. Their Brioni brand will also cease using animal skins during the collection to be presented in the autumn of 2022.

Executive Head François-Henri Pinault said the world has changed and such a change has become necessary.

Peta, an organisation that favours the rights of animals, welcomed this decision and stated it had been lobbying Kering for scores of years to refrain the use of animal skins. It said that no person with heart and feeling will dress in animal skins and it was highly embarrassing that companies still existed that used animal skins.

Saint Laurent and Brioni were the latest brands of Kering that will stop from using animal skins. Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Venata and Alexander McQueen have all stopped using them.

Pinault said the group has always sustained that it has aspirations to better its practices and the time had come to take a necessary step forward to stop once and for all using animal skins.