Il-Gardina: a breath of fresh air for oncology patients at Mater Dei

Oncology patients receiving treatment at Sir Anthony Mamo Centre at Mater Dei now have an open space where they can relax. This was a presidential initiative which was carried out at a cost of € 300,000. The much needed open space was christened “Il-Gardina” and provides a serene environment to patients who sometimes spend months inside this hospital.

Science has shown that when the morale of patients is boosted, the healing process is improved with a greater chance of recovery. Spurred on by this thought, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca worked towards realising this project which is literally a breath of fresh air for patients. Project “Il-Gardina” was inaugurated by President Coleiro Preca and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne.

“Those receiving treatment here are affected by their environment which plays an important part both in their healing process and in their survival. This garden forms part of a cancer hospital where patients, their relatives and staff members now have a place in which to boost their morale which is scientifically proven to be beneficial and to improve chances of healing” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

President Coleiro Preca said that NGOs working in the field of cancer had been consulted about the project and that the environment was intended to provide solace and tranquility to those who spent time here.

“Here even the choice of plants need to be relaxing and these can’t be chosen randomly. Were it not for those who worked effortlessly and without remuneration the cost of this project would have doubled and amounted to six hundred thousand. Instead the cost was that of € 300,000, and this funding came from international companies specifically for the construction of the garden,” the President explained.

President Coleiro Preca also said that the project was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Health and several other entities. She explained that the garden was even equipped to allow children to play, which is yet another tool which plays a part in the cancer healing process.

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