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Economic benefit created is an aim to achieve social justice – the PM

The Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader, Joseph Muscat, said the economic wealth being created is within itself an aim and not a means of creating social justice.

During a political activity in Żurrieq, Dr Muscat aid the Government is investing in social infrastructure and projects that favour life. He referred to the project in which the Government had collaborated with Caritas for the building of a therapeutic centre for youth drug abuse victims. He said the surplus is also for such products. He stressed this is not a situation for compassion but a situation where persons have a right to receive such help.

The PM urged more youths to take up a career to be able to help others. He highlighted that 400 more nurses and 100 more chemists are needed.

Dr Muscat also urged that during this campaign the people seek unifying factors for the community. He said that families have repeatedly given a response to those who plant hate. He said that those who are continuing to press this same recipe stand to reap the same results.

The Labour Leader said that there are others without a plan having started the week speaking about abortion and is ending it by raising a controversy over a debate. Dr Muscat maintained he had planned two debates with the Opposition Leader, one at the start and the other toward the end of the campaign. He said that Dr Delia now wants a debate in ‘Xarabank’ but he urged him to calm down and keep his arguments for the debate this coming Wednesday.

Dr Muscat maintained that PN candidates for the EU Parliament election had not committed themselves whether they would support Malta Government nominations for EU institutions. Yet, the Nationalist Government had always received the support of Labour EU parliamentarians when Joe Borg, John Dalli and Tonio Borg had been nominated as EU Commissioners.

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