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Thorough clean-up at Ta’ Qali in preparation for the regeneration of the National Park

On a world day dedicated to clean-up operations, employees from various Government entities are carrying out a thorough clean-up at Ta’ Qali. The work is expected to continue over the coming days and is as well part of plans for a project that will regenerate the National Park.

The cleaning of public spaces and recreational zones surrounds at the National Park is being carried out by 120 employees hailing from different entities and in the coming days employees from Ambjent Malta and the Cleaning and Works Directorate will be working with a common aim, that of giving a better appearance to the zone through a thorough clean-up, general maintenance and the pruning of trees.

Jason Micallef, the coordinator of the Ta’ Qali National Park regeneration project, said the clean-up is a pre-requisite before the carrying out of an ambitious environmental project.

He said the heavy work is being undertaken primarily as this is a very large project needing different interventions and a specific study is to be carried out so that ongoing interventions will not prevent the general public from enjoying the area and therefore the work will be undertaken in phases to make this possible.

The Minister for the Environment, Jose Herrera, said the clean-up operations perfectly encapsules the Government’s efforts to put public cleaning high up in its agenda.

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg said Ta’ Qali is to be transformed into one of the most beautiful zones in Malta with a masterplan that will assure the best optimum use of public land.

The Minister for Culture and Local Government, Owen Bonnici, said the Government is creating more safe and clean zones by nurturing culture at an early age that focuses on the maintenance of the public cleanliness and the safeguarding of public cleanliness.

The Ta’ Qali National Park Project was announced earlier this year with the Government declaring an investment of €20 million over 450 tomna of land, all of which will be themed for family recreation.

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