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PM states Government is committed to address challenges related to Rule of Law, the Judicial System and public institutions

Prime Minister Robert Abela has assured representatives of foreign Governments in Malta that his Government is committed to address challenges related to the Rule of Law, the Judicial System and public institutions. He said the first actions he has taken are proof of this.

The President, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition met members of the accredited Diplomatic Corps for the traditional exchange of New Year greetings.

Meeting the Ambassadors to Malta at the Berġa ta’ Kastilja, Prime Minister Abela said last year had been a positive year for Malta’s economy with the registering of a financial surplus and the continued implementation of a number of social initiatives. He acknowledged that challenges existed and these have now been placed at the top of his agenda and among others he mentioned the appointment of a Minister for Justice and Good Governance in order to address the challenges.

PM Abela said through Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo, the Government will continue to strive to strengthen its international relations through constructive dialogue. He said Malta is seeking to strengthen its relations with Asia while mentioning that efforts are underway for a new Malta Embassy in Japan. The same importance is also being given to Africa and last week consultations had begun on a strategy of Malta’s partnership with the African continent. Referring to Libya, the PM said that Malta does not agree with the interference in Libya of foreign countries. He said Malta will continue to support a solution that will establish two new States in the Middle East while reminding that Malta is aspiring to be given a non-permanent chair in the UN Security Council.

The Apostolic Nuncio, Bishop Alessandro D’Errico, who is the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, said he is confident that the ambassadors will continue with the positive relationships that were ongoing with the previous Prime Minister, Dr Joseph Muscat.

President George Vella addressed the ambassadors at Palazz Verdala. He acknowledged that certain events that had taken place last year may have damaged the positive perception that Malta enjoyed overseas. He said that however, the reality of the situation is that despite this projection these do not represent the real Malta which remains based on hard work, honesty and tolerance, acceptance and democracy. He urged the ambassadors to convey the message that Malta will normalise its situation after the process it has been through.

Expressing his thoughts on Libya, President Vella said its population is under harassment and Malta will remain committed for a diplomatic solution to be achieved.

Another branch of the Diplomatic Corps, that is, Honorary Consuls, was also addressed by PM Abela. He said Malta will remain proactive to strengthen its economy even though there may have been problems with the Rule of Law that may have confused the issue. He said the Government is committed to address shortcomings through continuing to promote State values.

The Dean of the Hon Consuls, Godwin Bencini, said the damage caused to Malta’s reputation will not quickly be recovered but the Hon Consuls are convinced that the PM will do everything possible to enable Malta to emerge from the current situation, including reforms that will ensure and guarantee the principles of Justice.

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