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Government denies being near to reach agreement with US regarding military forces in the country

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has said there is no agreement known as the Status of Forces Agreement with the United States to determine matters of privilege for US officials in Malta, including military officials.

In a statement, the Ministry said the country is not in any way nearer to signing an agreement that has been touted in recent years with the US and NATO. The Ministry said that as has has been described several times there is no link between the State Of Forces Agreement and Moneyval. Regarding Moneyval, the Ministry said the Government has introduced various reforms about the Rule of Law and good governance in financial sectors and that relations with independent institutions have always been positive.

The Ministry was reacting to media reports stating the Government is close to approving agreement with the United States on the Status of Forces Agreement.

Regarding these reports there have been various different reactions.

The PN insists of transparency on agreements that leave an impact on the country’s sovereign status

The Nationalist Party complained they had not been consulted by the Government on the agreement. In a statement, the Leader of the Opposition, Adrian Delia, and the Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, said there should be full transparency regarding agreements that may impact Malta’s sovereign status. They said that agreements of this nature will leave an impact on the Constitution and Malta’s relations with the rest of the world.

The AD and PD: Americans should no be given a special status

Alternattiva Demokratika and the Partit Demokratiku said American forces should not be given a special status and they appealed that every form of Amendment regarding such agreements should be immediately published. The two said it is not acceptable that such agreement should be achieved without public consultation.

Moviment Graffitti condemned the agreement with the US regarding the status of its forces because this signifies humiliation for Malta and a clear breach of the Constitution.