Government will again help NGOs to install solar panels on their properties

The Government has issued a third call it will make good the installation of solar panel on the property of NGOs.

The Minister for Energy, Miriam Dalli, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Voluntary Organisations, Clifton Grima, said that an additional fund of €160,000 has been added for organisations to install 12 or 24 solar panels without their having to finance them. The scheme has already aided 61 voluntary organisations.

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli said the use of solar panels by NGOs shows they are an example and besides economising they are also playing their part for environmental protection. She urged all organisations to participate in the drive to make the country a centre for sustainable and renewable energy.

Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima said this initiative will enable voluntary organisations to economise on their energy bills. He said through this initiative the voluntary concept will be linked to environmental considerations and while they benefit by a cleaner environment they will provide funds to be used by the community.