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Government implements 90% of family measures detailed in its manifesto

The Minister for Social Justice, Michael Falzon, and the Minister at the OPM, Carmelo Abela, said the Government has implemented an average of 90% of its electoral manifesto where improvement to family life is concerned.

They were speaking to commemorate International Family Day due on Saturday, 15th May.

The two Ministers said this Government has given proof that even during pandemic times it has continued to implement better quality family-friendly measures. This is in contrast to former administrations that for many years ignored the needs of families with children, as well as the needs of pensioners.

Minister Michael Falzon said the measures have targeted those who previously had been overlooked, including those receiving the minimum wage. He said this Government has made a great difference in the lives of pensioners who from 2013 onward have received six pension increases.

Minister Carmelo Abela said that of 79 measures proposed in the electoral manifesto, the Government has implemented 80% of them. He said among the greater measures this includes free child care and this paved the way for a rise of 63.6% in female employment, the highest EU average.

The Minister said that in 2017, unaware of the coming pandemic, the Government continued to increase Budget measures while over and above there were families that suffered loss of employment and loss of income. However, the Government had continued with its support as much as possible so that the position of families does not relapse.