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Gżira community and MIDI make peace over Manoel Island

The Gżira community and environmentalists were the most vociferous protestors against the Manoel Island Project granted to MIDI 18 years ago.

In recent years protests continued to grow; there were occasions when walls were breached and there were on-site protests to pressurise the public right to foreshore access as well as the preservation of historic and natural zones on the small island.

Access to foreshore was granted and denied on several instances and arguments between environmentalists and contractors were endless and heightened during these last two years. Matters had reached a point where the Gżira Local Council had asked to have its jurisdiction over the island restored from MIDI’s jurisdiction.

When did things begin to change?

Then, last November, matters took a turn for the better when after months of negotiations between the Local Council and MIDI Consortium a new Masterplan was announced for Manoel Island.

This seemed to be the turning point and from then onward a greater spirit of cooperation ensued and from had appeared to be a mission impossible, fresh rays of hope began to appear that at some point agreement could be achieved on the best use of Manoel Island.

The new Masterplan includes less building development than originally planned as well as containing more open public places with the Council and authorities insisting that the original terms of the MIDI concession be maintained.

Today the sides and entities concerned signed their agreement to all, enabling the island to be enjoyed by the public while a Foundation is to be established to monitor all works to completion stage.

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