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Appointment of a Commissioner for Police: Parliament discussing Legal Amendment

Parliament has begun discussions on the Second Reading of the Legal Amendment regarding the appointment of the Commissioner for Police.

The Amendment was forwarded by the Minister for Internal Affairs, Byron Camilleri, who said the change will mean the Government will no longer have the power to appoint the Commissioner. He said the Amendment will introduce a transparent and competitive process that will be managed by the Public Service Commission whose members are agreed upon by the Government and the Opposition.

Minister Camilleri said the Amendment goes beyond the proposals of the Venice Commission while stating that the Opposition’s proposal that the Commissioner be appointed on a two thirds vote is irresponsible because it may lead to a Constitutional crisis if there is disagreement.

The Opposition’s Spokesperson for Internal Affairs, Beppe Fenech Adami, said the Amendment is being forwarded by a Government that has caused the collapse of institutions, including that of the Police Corps and the Attorney General’s Office.

Dr Fenech Adami said there should be agreement between the Government and the Opposition on the appointment of a new Commissioner through a two thirds vote by the Chamber. He alleged that those Police officials from the Traffic Section undergoing investigations are being informed of the investigations. He maintained that the former Minister Responsible for the Police Corps should shoulder responsibility for the developments that were taking place under his charge.

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