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Pierre Portelli says his work cannot bring further changes because of continual attacks on the PN

The second PN Parliamentary Group meeting within a few days is currently underway after yesterday’s highly emotional Executive Committee meeting that finished late last night. Pierre Portelli stated that all the outcomes of the meeting continued to strengthen his decision that he resigns as the Party’s Media Executive Chairman. In his resignation letter he maintained that his work cannot bring about further changes because of constant coordinated attacks on the Party and its media, including those of PN Members of Parliament.

The Executive Committee meeting was highly charged. Shouts of “you should be ashamed” were clearly heard by journalists who were on standby near the PN’s Dar Centrali.

At the end of the meeting committee members and PN MPs emerged without making comments.

Later, Pierre Portelli stopped to talk to journalists after posting his letter of resignation on Facebook. Asked directly why Deputies Simon Busuttil, Karol Aquilina and EuroParliamentarian David Casa left looking angry, Portelli said there are some people who cannot stand hearing particular things because they lose their sense of reasoning and this is not an acceptable situation. He said that now they have a person less of those they find unpalatable, so one has to see whether they will now sit with the Party Leader to work together.

While reminding that Dr Delia had been elected Leader by the Party’s members, Portelli said the Parliamentary Group was split three ways; those that support Dr Delia and what he described as a small group that do not favour him, while there was a substantial group who find themselves in the middle and put the interests of the Party first and foremost and this group is not as yet convinced there should be a call for a vote of confidence.

Portelli described the group of MPs who do not want Dr Delia as Party Leader. They prefer to taunt through the use of Facebook, social media, influencers, bloggers and their friends. Yet, when they are urged to stand up and be counted they take a step back because they represent a district and have to heed their constituents.

He criticised Mark Anthony Sammut for the way he addressed the media after his resignation as President of the Executive Committee. At the same time he urged all MPs, in particular Jason Azzopardi, to be careful on their use of Facebook.

Portelli lamented on those who are responsible for a sector but whose mind is set on firing on another sector. He said he wished such people would control their fingers when writing on social media.

In his letter of resignation he also criticised those in the Parliamentary Group who sustained and aided criminal activity by third persons aimed at removing Dr Delia from the Party’s Leadership.

While defending his operations as Media Chairman, Portelli said his resignation is purely politically based because he can no longer stand working with persons who are constantly planting obstacles in his way. While maintaining he will remain in the Executive and will continue working for the PN, he said that now he is able to comment in a freer manner.

Portelli said if these people classed his resignation as being a triumph, they are welcome to do so and be his guests in doing so. He said in fact the only triumph would be for the PN to unite.

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