The fee paid to architects advising rental boards will not exceed €500

Fees to be paid to architects giving advice to the Rental Board as well as fees that regulate advice given to the Agricultural Rental Board cannot exceed €500 for every report made.

This is the result from two legal amendments to rental laws presented to the media by the Ministry for Justice, Equality and Governance.

From 1st June the reform of the Rental Law came into effect aimed at creating a balance between the rights of residents to have a roof over their heads and the right to landlords charging a justified rent.

At the centre of the Law there is the evaluations made by the Board of Architects to establish the value of the land whether agricultural or residential that could reach a maximum of €2,000.

In view of the increasing number of Court cases in this regard the two amendments were made to limit this to €500 so that existing reports on the same land may also be funded.

During a media conference the Executive Head of the Agency for Court Services, Eunice Grech Fiorini, said this will prevent a duplication of work. She said statistics show that following the amendments there were already reports that had been agreed by the two parts and the Chair of the Board may now choose whether to continue and not appoint new members.

The Minister for Justice and Governance, Edward Zammit Lewis, said these amendments will decrease delays so that legal cases will be resolved quickly and will regulate both rental sectors.

These will provide quicker access and involve lesser expenses because justice must always benefit citizens through efficiency and the least expense.

Minister Zammit Lewis said these amendments continue to underline this Government’s commitment for the achievement of justice with greater efficiency and lesser expense.