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BREXIT: May tells MPs she may call another Referendum if they vote in favour of exit agreement

The British Cabinet has agreed to the plans of Prime Minister Theresa May that the agreement for the United Kingdom to exit from the European Union will be entrenched in British Law. It is being said the agreement is planned to provide a compromise with the Opposition Labour Party.

”Today I am making a serious offer to MPs across Parliament, a new Brexit deal. As part of that deal, I will continue to make the case for the Conservative Party to be united behind a policy that can deliver Brexit. Nine out of ten Conservative MPs have already given the withdrawal agreement their backing and I want to reach out to every single one of my colleagues to make the very best offer I can to them” said Theresa May.

Among the proposals there is one related to tax, environmental measures, the rights of workers and the frontiers of Northern Ireland. These will be expected to remain in force until the next General Election. Parliament will vote on the proposed Law at the beginning of June. If the vote is a negative one there will be great pressure on Prime Minister May to resign.

May said, “Although it is not possible for those to replace the backstop in the withdrawal agreement, we can start the work now to ensure they are a viable alternative. So as part of the new Brexit deal, we will place the Government under a legal obligation to seek to conclude alternative arrangements by 2020 so that we can avoid any need for the backstop coming into force.”

May further said that if MPs vote in favour they will be given the opportunity to vote as to whether a second Referendum should be held to establish whether the people agree to Britain’s exit from the EU.

On the other hand May explained that if the agreement is refused the UK will not exit from the EU after Parliament has already voted three times against the agreement. May said a lack of agreement on Brexit will lead to deteriorate British politics and stop the country’s progress.

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