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Chamber of Commerce presents PM with a document containing 60 proposals

A Chamber of Commerce Delegation has presented Prime Minister Robert Abela with a document that contains 60 proposals to strengthen governance and the Rule of Law. During a meeting with the PM at Kastilja, Chamber President David Xuereb stated the Chamber is satisfied with the measures taken by Dr Abela in his first days as PM.

Architect Xuereb said the manifest with the theme Commerce and Ethics calls for a change and reforms in various public administration sectors scaling from Judicial appointments to political party financing in order for Malta to recover its reputation and the damages this has suffered in recent months. He said the international community is following Malta to see whether the change of leadership in the country will lead to concrete changes. He said the preliminary indications on this are positive.

He said for the reforms to achieve the desired results there has primarily to be the strengthening of accountability, transparency and the Rule of Law. Among the various suggestions in the document these include investigating Government contracts over the last six months, the temporary suspension of the Citizenship with Investment Scheme and an evaluation of the system of appointments of persons to positions of national importance.