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Opposition Leader makes world appeal to fight causes of climate change

Opposition Leader and Leader of the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia, conveyed his message to the world to fight climate change saying the effects of the change are already being experienced.

During his annual meeting with the Diplomatic Corps in which New Year greetings were exchanged, Dr Delia mentioned immigration which is expected to escalate as a result of such climate change.

He appealed to the whole of the EU to adopt policies so that the burden of immigration is distributed among all the Members. He also mentioned his concern of instability among Mediterranean countries and said that Malta is in favour of peace, prosperity and security for Malta and the whole of the Mediterranean region.

Dr Delia said the Nationalist Party has for the last five months been fighting against bad governance and corruption and this led to the resignation of a Prime Minister and the appointment of a new one. He stressed on the need for Malta to rebuild its international reputation and to restore the good relationships it has with other countries, particular those countries represented by the Corps.

While also extending his best wishes to constituted bodies and the media, the PN Leader referred to events in recent weeks and expressed particular thanks to the media for the work carried out under difficult circumstances. He stressed the commitment of the PN to continue strengthening the divisions of power and for there to be the Rule of Law.

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