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PN Leader with proposals to prevent country from experiencing present situation again

The Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia has listed 15 proposals which he said would ensure the country will never again enter a crisis such as the current one.

Commenting on NET TV, Dr Delia said some of the proposals had already been presented in a document covering good governance published by the Nationalist Party in 2015, including a Constitutional change that the country’s President will be appointed on the approval of a two-thirds vote in Parliament, the immediate termination of the passports sale scheme, that state broadcasting be safeguarded by a Broadcasting Authority that is truly independent and strong, so that, in his own words, there will no longer be the need for political party stations.

Other proposals include the strengthening of the Auditor General’s Office, civil societies, a Permanent Commission against Corruption, the cessation of abuse by persons in positions of trust, a financial state system for the financing of political parties and authorities that are guaranteed independence.

Dr Delia said that through these proposals and others the PN will in a practical manner be giving its contribution to enable the country to emerge from the present crisis and ensure such a crisis will never happen again.

The PN Leader said the country needs to change its political system which he described as being sick and needs to implement immediate changes.

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