PN Leader promises salary increases and better conditions for teachers

During a question-and-answer session held on the theme ‘Kun il-Bidla’, the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, said a nationalist Party in Government will carry out radical salary and work conditions changes for teachers.

He said a change of mentality is needed in the way that educators are viewed by society. During the activity at Attard, Dr Grech said that the Labour Party Government looks on teachers as being the guardians of children while their parents are at work, the PN looks upon them as educators that are helping to formulate the minds and personalities of children

Dr Grech said the country is facing difficulties to attract a sufficient number of teachers or for them to remain in their profession resulting in experienced teachers leaving to take up other employment. Against this background he said the salary of teachers should be above basic levels and should be increased regularly.

He said a PN Government under his leadership will assure salary increase and the upgrading of conditions in all Government, Private and Church Schools. He said there would also be an investment in the infrastructure of schools to achieve better temperatures conditions and environmental aims. He said in his understanding schools should serve as an example of energy efficiency and classrooms should be air-conditioned as well as for Skola Sajf and should be used in comfort and to cater for the needs of the community.

He referred to technology and said that secondary school children wil be provided with tablets as well as children in need will have free access to the internet as has happened throughout the pandemic.