PN Leader says that FATF decision has imposed a punishment on all the people of Malta

The Leader of the Opposition and Head of the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, described the decision taken by FATF to place Malta on the Grey List is a punishment that has been imposed on the whole of the country’s population.

Dr Grech said this is a moment to work for national consensus and he invited the Government to unite with the Opposition and establish a National Task Force to restore the country to the White List in as short a time as possible.

He added that FATF will meet again in October and by that time Malta’s position will change. He expressed his belief that the action plan proposed by FATF will be implemented in a convincing manner to limit as much as possible the harm of the country’s economy.

In a latter statement the PN said that Dr Bernard Grech will not be attending the Summit of the European Popular Party in Brussels but will instead call an urgent meeting of the PN Parliamentary Group this evening.

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