UPDATED: PN Leader says Government Members have to be publicly accountable; a reply by the Minister for Justice Zammit Lewis

While addressing Parliament earlier today the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, maintained the Government’s majority is not eternal and Government Members have to prove accountability to the people of Malta and Gozo.

Dr Grech said that Government MPs have continued to protect each other including former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and former Minister Konrad Mizzi. He said this is a bizarre situation in which the Minister for Justice and Government continues to justify their reign while it has been revealed that he was in continual communication with the alleged mandate of the homicide of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Earlier, in a statement, the Nationalist Party presented a Motion that in a symbolic manner the salary of Minister Edward Zammit Lewis be reduced to only €1 while the salaries of all other Ministers is being requested and will continue to be requested be reduced to €1 annually while Parliament is discussing the Budget for the coming year.

In a reply, Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that Dr Grech should be careful of a person close to him who i still involved in enterprise and with another person who is communicating with an alleged criminal that he himself has named.

Dr Zammit Lewis said the Opposition Leader has no credibility when the EU Commission’s President, Ursula von der Leyen, praised the reforms carried out in recent months and what was said by the Chief Judge that these reforms strengthen the Judiciary and continue to distances the Executive from the Judiciary.