Luqa band clubs Unjoni and Sant’ Andrija unite to offer spectacle despite Covid-19

Luqa, in a silence that is not normal for the first weekend of July which sees the celebration of its patron saint, St Andrew, will be missing the brunt of celebrations that normally take place this evening.

The Luqa main streets, normally splendidly decorated, are bare and all external decor has remained stored aware and is missing together with pyrotechnic displays which normally light up the evening sky. On this Saturday evening Luqa enthusiasts should be awaiting the unique elevation of the statue of St Andrew, the village patron saint.

The President of the band club Banda l-Unjoni, Joseph Piscopo, said it is an ancient tradition that a statue of St Andrew is elevated and an event that is enthusiastically looked forward to by all Luqa enthusiasts. This is a traditional event.

The President of the band club, Sant’ Andrija, Charles Attard, said this evening there would be the greatest street band march where the two band will march together and in this instance his band would be responsible for elevating the statue.

Despite the long-standing rivalry between the two bands, this year the two band clubs have joined forces to offer the best possible alternative to Luqa feast enthusiasts to offer the best possible event to the Luqa community.

Unjoni Band Club President, Joseph Piscopo, said there will still be a procession with the titular statue and there will also be a one hour pyrotechnical display.

Charles Attard said a pilgrimage with the statue will take place on Sunday and therefore assures that some celebrations will take place.

Elderly Lilian Zammit, who is 76 years old, born, bred and lived in Luqa all her life, said there has never been a year such as this. However, she appreciated the joint efforts of the two band clubs and will celebrate the religious part of the feast.

She said all organisers are doing their best to raise morale; her son manufactures fireworks but he is rather upset that many will now not be used.

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