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Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej breaks records for original musicals

The musical Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej will go down in history not just because it is a major spectacle, but also for having the highest grossing opening run in terms of tickets.

By the end of this week, the musical will have played to eight packed houses at the Mediterranean Conference Centre theatre. At its debut within the panorama of local theatre, this musical has broken box office records in the genre of Original Musical Theatre.

In fact, over 10,000 persons will have seen this musical in its first production. The premiere of the musical Il-Kbir  Għadu Ġej was held on Friday 9 August, and ended with the audience giving a standing ovation and clapping, screaming, singing and calling out for more.

For the performnce of Thursday, Santa Marija, the theatre was packed to the rafters, and the audience ended up singing Freddie Portelli’s song Xewqat Sbieħ for Freddie’s wife Carmen, who was celebrating her birthday on the day.

Produced by Balzunetta Productions, Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej is a musical based on the hits of the legendary Freddie Portelli. It is penned by comedian and author Malcolm Galea, and includes the live band of Maestro Dominic Galea, who was also respsonsible for the arrangements.

This spectacle brought together people from all walks of life – the theatre crowd, Freddie Portelli’s fans, and others who got to know about the musical and wanted to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Producer and Director Sean Buhagiar said all the team were aware of the magnitude of this production. The audience reaction, however, still came as a surprise. “We want to continue to challenge the idea of what is possible in the theatre, both as regards the story and the talent in the musical theatre sphere, as well as audience numbers.

The audiences who turned up for this musical were glued to their seats and enjoyed a magnificent theatrical evening. This in itself is already a rarity, even more so when the audience say they did not feel like leaving the theatre at the end. We don’t have enough words to express our appreciation,” Buhagiar stated.


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