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Church report to widespread discussions on an economic model change for the benefit of Maltese society

The Church has launched a report titled Beyond GDP to spread a discussion of a change in the economic model for the benefit and welfare of the individual and society as a whole.The report was compiled by the Kummissjoni Ġustizzja u Paċi (Commission for Justice and Peace) that aims that people have a more adequate income to reflect the quality of life.

The Commission has proposed the creation of a new index to measure the quality of life, similar to the Better Living Index of the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development.

Inspired by the international meeting “The Francis economy” that is currently underway in Assisi on Papal invitation, the Commission launched its initiative for collaboration between private enterprises and the Church itself.

The Commission’s President, Daniel Darmanin, said they had felt the need to promote an economy that safeguards the poor and those in want, and safeguards the environment and other issues that are often overlooked because only GDP statistics are taken into consideration.

The economist of EY Malta, Maria Giulia Pace, who formed part of the team that worked on the report for a better quality of life, said that vulnerable groups such as those suffering mental problems and persons who are homeless are invisible in statistics and other economic indicators and in consequence the problems they are experiencing are not being addressed.

She said that various recommendations have been made one of which is an online database containing all the necessary information to address all policies for the needed framework that has to be adopted.

The report also proposes an agreement on a national framework regarding life and living conditions, the COLA mechanism and social pact discussions.

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi said the Church is interested in the whole person and always propagates the holistic development of the individual in society.

He said all this is in the desire of Pope Francis who is congregating economists, entrepreneurs, researchers and youth activists to think in a creative manner as to how to provide an impetus to economies.