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LGBTIQ community anticipating leave for IVF treatment and a common uniform for Police personnel

On the eve of Pride March, the work accomplished so far for the rights of LGBTIQ rights was discussed during a conference in which it was announced that since the change in the Law there have already been nine adoptions by same-sex couples.

The conference also discussed further measures needed to be taken for gender equality.

The conference was themed “Drittijiet tal-Bniedem” (Human Rights) for LGBTIQ persons on a national as well as global level.

The conference also reviewed strategic progress achieved in various spheres, including education, health, family life, enforcement, immigration and civil society.

The Head of the LGBTIQ Unit, Gabi Calleja, said the Gender Wellbeing Clinic had treated over 100 cases while 500 Police personnel had received instructioning on actions of hate and hate speech.

She said it is expected that in a short while there will also be a change in the Law so that LGBTIQ persons undergoing IVF treatment will be enabled to take vacation leave, as well as a common uniform for male and female Police personnel.

The Minister for Equality, Edward Zammit Lewis, said the Government is committed to continue ensuring equality in all aspects. He said in the coming weeks Parliament will stage the second reading on two Legal Amendments, one to prohibit discrimination and to promote equality and the other for the establishment for a Commission for Human Rights and Equality.

The Minister said these are new and highly advanced, making it a principle that equality is a fundamental human right and this will pave the way for future progress.

He also condemned the burning of a rainbow flag that had been hoisted by the Balzan Local Council and said that such actions will not deter the country from continuing to implement equality measures.

Meanwhile, as part of the LGBTIQ celebrations, Sliema’s Tower Road became the first road in Malta to symbolise diversity. Resulting from a private initiative, supported by Central Government and the Local Council, as well as civil society, a symbol of rainbow waves has been painted in the road. This is to remind all those who pass through the road to practice equality, diversity and tolerance.

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