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Proposed vehicle emission reduction Law will only apply to vehicles manufactured from 2020 onward – Miriam Dalli

EU Parliament Member Miriam Dalli has emphasised that the report she worked on that is proposing a Law that will reduce 38% of vehicle emissions by 2030 in all EU Member States will only affect new vehicles and products manufactured from 2020 onward. Dr Dalli explained the report that has been approved by the EU Parliament does not affect vehicles that have already been manufactured.

In a public discussion organised by the EU Parliament Office in Malta, Dr Dalli said the approved report was achieved after a long road of passage as well as pressure from the car manufacturing industry and will result in better air quality and create further employment and investment. She said this step will contribute to enabling consumers to have available vehicle models with reduced emissions. The final vote by EU Member States will be taken on 16th January with a further vote to follow in the EU Parliament.

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