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UPDATED: Majority of PN Councillors vote for new election to select Party Leader

The Nationalist Party will be holding an election for a leader after with 839 votes the Nationalist councillors voted not to confirm Adrian Delia as leader. 659 voted in favour of him. This is being considered as another vote of no-confidence in Dr Delia after earlier last month we was given a no-confidence by the Nationalist Party parliamentary group and the Executive.

Voting during a Nationalist Party extraordinary General Council ended at around 6.00pm on Saturday, during which 1,630 councillors were called to vote on whether the party’s tesserati should confirm Dr Delia as leader in a General Convention or they will elect a new leader of the Nationalist Party and therefore go for a voting.

Speaking during a press conference following the announcement of yesterday’s result, Dr Delia declared that he will be one of the candidates for leader. He pledged that if he will no longer remain party leader, he is ready to continue working with the new leader and as parliamentary deputy. He expressed confidence in the tesserati and that they should have the final selection.

“I enter this race with great determination and courage. I have confidence in our tesserati because the selection which was originally contemplated, that the leaders and deputy leaders of the party are chosen by the tesserati, and therefore the most wider sector of people who represent the electorate means that we believe in a true democracy”, Dr Delia stated.

In another press conference, deputy Chris Said said, on behalf of the majority of the parliamentary group, that the result is a victory for those who cherish the Nationalist Party. Dr Said appealed to Dr Delia to refrain once more from ignoring the General Council message, adding that the present Leader failed to bring unity.

“This was also the divisive way we saw in recent months and years which finally led to this action. It wasn’t our pleasure that as deputies we take this action, that this wave in the PN started; there is now the hope that brought this enthusiasm however we took it because one of the reasons was related with the way he spoke and acted, the Leader was bringing about a division”, Dr Said stated.

Voting in the General Council started on Wednesday and closed on Saturday. Almost 92% of the Nationalist councillors voted.


With a vote of 839, PN Councillors voted for a new election to elect a Party Leader. The voters that Adrian Delia should remain as Party Leader amounted to 659

This is considered to be a further vote of No Confidence in the Leadership of Adrian Delia after earlier having been likewise declared by the PN Parliamentary Group and the PN Executive.

Voting began on Wednesday and continued on Friday and throughout the day today in the PN’s Dar Ċentrali at Pietà as well as Ta’ Sannat in Gozo.

In all, almost 92% of PN Councillors cast their votes.