Majority of those seeking social accommodation are female

About 3,000 persons are seeking social accommodation. A few days ago the Housing Authority published a survey and profiled persons who are seeking a roof over their heads. Among a wealth of facts, about 54% of applicants are aged between 26 and 45 years old. A substantial number of these are unemployed or have low income employment. Popolin analysed these statistics.

The research showed that 75% of applicants are females seeking alternative accommodation. Two out of every three applicants are single parents, 16% are married and 27% are either separated or divorced. Ultimately this shows that the majority of applicants are single mothers.

The survey also showed that 29% of applicants work full time, while 10% have part-time employment. However, a majority consisting of 39% indicated they are unemployed. The reasons were various with the majority indicating they did not have a place where to leave their children were they to be employed or otherwise have health problems.

When asked to indicate the type of problems they are currently experiencing, 51% said they are in rented accommodation. When asked what prevented them from purchasing their own property, 25% said they did not have the initial deposit money requested by banks. About 16% said they would experience difficulties in making monthly payments on a loan and this is their main problem. A total of 12% said that as they had no employment they would not be granted a bank loan. A total of 58% said they would consider purchasing a property if they received Government financial help.

The Executive Head of the Housing Authority, Leonid McKay told Popolin it would have been futile to invest more than €100 million to provide more than 1,700 apartments of social accommodation without investigating those who are in need of such apartments. He added the results of the survey will help the Authority get to know the needs of applicants and will also help analyse those that qualify or do not qualify for social accommodation.