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Maltco says Maltese wager small amounts – just enough to try their luck

In just short of 15 years, official gaming has spread from public lotto, the Super-5 and the National Lottery to various other gaming features not only in number but also tied to sport activities. Although this may lead to a belief that gambling has increased, Maltco management states otherwise.

Since public lotto was privatised 14 years ago, Maltco has increased opportunities for Maltese gamblers with the latest gaming feature known as “superstar” to be launched over the coming days. However, Maltco CEO Vasileios Kasiotakis said that although the greater variety has increased the number of participating gamblers, the amount of money being wagered has not shown any great interest because the Maltese only wager small amounts, just enough to test their luck.

Asked by TVM whether Maltco has been affected by competition from various gaming outlets that have opened up in towns and villages, Kasiotakis said this is not the case and he maintained that these operators offer a different nature of gaming from Maltco’s Lotteries.

He said that in lotto shops are given training to make clients aware of the dangers of becoming gaming addicts and each shop has information to help those with this problem find the proper rehabilitation.

Vasileios Kasiotakis said “leaflets and questionnaires that give them the opportunity to check themselves if they are spending more time or more money than is needed are provided. Also inside all our point of sales, one can find the contact number of Caritas, as well as the Responsible Gaming Foundation number, where they can ask for specific help.”

The CEO added that Maltco is certified by the World Lotteries Association as well as Euro Lotteries regarding all procedures that have to be followed to ensure the public is given the proper protection.

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