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Malta generates second highest household waste in the EU

Per capita the Maltese population is the second largest producer of household refuse in the EU.

According to Eurostat statistics Maltese households generate an average of 647kg of refuse annually, only surpassed by Danish household that generate 777kg. On the other hand, with an average of 261kg per person, the Romanians are the ones that generate the least refuse. The EU average is that of 480kg per person.

Wasteserv, which is responsible for the management of refuse, has noted different trends in refuse generation as explained by its CEO, Tonio Montebello, based on figures issued by the National Office for Statistics in 2018.

He said that household solid waste has slightly increased by 0.15%; however, if taken into consideration the population increase of 3.75% and not increasing the highly substantial increase in tourism, in reality there has also been an increase in household solid waste and this is what interests Wasteserv most because it has a direct impact on its operations and the use of landfills.

NSO statistics show that generally solid waste generated by industries and the construction industry in 2018 amounted to less than two million and six hundred thousand tons and this was a reduction of almost 5% when compared to 2017.

Montebello said that in the same year it was observed that there was a 77% increase in glass bottles and a 40% increase in recyclable waste gathered from grey bags.

Asked about the first 30 months since the introduction of the white bags for organic waste in October of 2018, the CEO said that during 2019 the volume had exceeded the aim by 16,000 tons.

He said that 26,000 tons had been collected which exceeded the aim by 10,000 tons and this was highly satisfactory and further satisfactory because Wasteserv had decided to invest almost €3 million in the Sant’ Antnin Plant until the new organic material plant in the north of Malta begins to function for organic waste not mixed with the waste in black bags.

Thus it is estimated that in 2019 per capita the Maltese population generated almost a kilo per head of organic waste for a total of 52.6kg in the whole year.

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