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Traditional Chinese medical treatment popular in Malta

Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for many hundreds of years but is still very popular today, even in Malta. In recent years thousands of people have sought traditional treatment from the Chinese Medical Centre.

Following the signing of a protocol between Malta and China, over the last 25 years many thousands of Maltese have benefited after visiting one of three China centres at Kordin, the Gozo Central Hospital and Mater Dei Hospital.

The Director of the Centre, Tao Geng, said that up to now the Chinese Government has despatched 15 medical teams to Malta, the latest one arriving a few weeks ago.

”Since 1994 when the first team came to Malta we applied acupuncture, and massage for the Maltese patients. We are the fifteenth Chinese team.”

Dr Tao Geng observed that their Maltese patients mostly suffer from neck and shoulder pains as well as pain in their knee joints and for these the ‘tuina massage’ was introduced – one of the oldest types of Chinese massage.

Dr Shao Qinghua explained that this treatment gives more effective results. She said this treatment also addresses sleeping disorders.

”We treat many kinds of disease not only chronic pains but during the twenty years passed in Malta, the most diseases we treated are not just chronic so we decided to expand the kinds of disease such as depression sleep disorder.”

The Chinese Medical Centre also offers IVF treatment and other treatments include relief from fibromyalgia, arthritis, stomach pains, asthma and many other ailments.

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