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Should housewives get paid?

From time to time the debate over family and work crops up once again. In today’s world, in many families, both parents work outside the home.

TVAM discussed whether housewives should be paid for the work they do at home, in light of a recent study which says that if housewives were to be paid they would earn €35,000 a year and this does not include overtime after 12 hours of work daily.

During the programme, Simone Alamango said that many people agree that you cannot put a real price on housework. However she said that many women who work outside the home said that housewives should not be paid because otherwise they should be paid as well since they do housework after they get home from their jobs.

On her part, Marthese Borg, Head Family Unit Caritas Malta, said that there should be a choice and if a woman prefers to stay at home, she should be paid, but if she goes out to work she should not get paid for the housework because that would shared by two people.

The discussion also turned to the raising of children. Marthese explained that since both parents now work, and children are being sent to child care centres, children are feeling a huge void and this will leave repercussions on them when they grow up. She noted that children often build a bond with their carer instead of their parents.

You can follow the full interview here.

TVAM is broadcast daily between Monday and Friday from 7am -9am.

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