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MEUSAC using interactive games for children attending Skolasajf

Collaboration has continued for another year between MEUSAC and the Foundation for Educational Services with the former organising interactive games for children attending Skolasajf. Each year the activities organised have a different theme and this year’s theme is sustainability.

Besides sustainability, the interactive games also provide children with information on poverty, education, the environment and climate change, health, work and inequality. Through participating in the games children are made aware of the need to use practical sustainability in everyday life. This Tuesday morning it was the turn of Skolasajf students in Żabbar.

Elisa Tanti said European countries were mentioned, countries in the EU and this enabled discussion over a board game that dealt with poverty.

Mariah Gerada said plastic should not be dumped into the sea because what happens when we do – it kills turtles.

These activities are based on Malta’s EU commitment to work on 17 targets to be met by 2030 so that world development becomes sustainable and respects nature.

Therese Ellul, the Manager of the programme Foundation for Educational Services said the educational programme is in collaboration with MEUSAC with aims to make EU citizens aware of its policies.

She said children today are being brought up in an era when problems are increasing and this is what they will inherit. Thus they have to be enabled to become problem solvers as well as agents for change as these are much needed for them and in future, their children.

MEUSAC head, Mandy Falzon, said about 500 children are attending for these activities which involve them to be aware of their role as EU citizens; not only today’s citizens, but also as future citizens and this will help them formulate how the EU should develop.

Falzon said the activities, supported by the EU’s Representation Commission in Malta aim to explain the concept to children by helping them understand through simple examples.

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