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Zack Meli’s death also on Parliament’s agenda

The death of the youth Zack Meli in Paceville has taken a new turn. The Bulgarian youngster Denis Davkov, who was expected to be arraigned in Court and accused of his death, has been released on Police Bail after it resulted that a preliminary autopsy on Meli’s body as well as Police investigations may well alter the dynamics of the incident.

Meli’s death was also mentioned in Parliament.

It appears the Police may have established a different version of the death of 24-year-old Meli who died early on Sunday morning. Although Police were expected to arraign 19-year-old Davkov yesterday morning to be charged with causing his death after it was alleged he had delivered a blow to Meli’s head, following further Police investigations and legal and medical advice, the circumstances of the case are being reviewed afresh. Sources close to The Police informed TVM that developments in later hours have caused this reappraisal after preliminary reports had been issued.

This followed the preliminary results of an autopsy that established no traces of violence on Meli’s body but also because Police have continued to study security camera footage as well as speaking to eye witnesses of the incident who saw Meli before and after the incident. It seems reports state Meli was not well prior to the argument that took place and for some reasons that has to be explained seemed to be struggling to maintain his balance on her feet.

Police are expected to await the results of toxicological tests that may be able to throw further light on Meli’s condition that may have caused his death before deciding what further steps have to be taken. Meli’s body has not as yet been released for burial.

Meanwhile in Parliament, Acting Prime Minister Chris Fearne was joined by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia in expressing Parliament’s condolences to Zack Meli’s family. Dr Fearne appealed to the House and the media to show caution while investigations and the Magisterial Inquiry is underway and to avoid any speculation as to the cause of death. Ht thanked the Police for their work and said that mistakes in such a case could lead to serious consequences of miscarriage of justice.

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said the Opposition has no intention of scoring political points. He said the Police are doing their best to investigate but there is a need for greater Government investment in the Police Force to deal with criminality and security in Paceville because these were causing great concern to youths and their families.


This is what Dr Chris Fearne Dr Adrian Delia had to say:

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