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Minister Camilleri said he eagerly awaits the testimonies of prison employees regarding allegations made by Brian Vella

The Minister for Internal Affairs and National Security, Byron Camilleri, said although politically it would be easier for him to release details regarding the administration of prison affairs and allegations made, he has decided to enable justice to take its course following prison employees’ testified replies to legal action taken against the Prison Authorities..

Minister Camilleri responded thus when he was asked by journalists about the allegations made by Brian Vella, including that the prison’s administration is being operated on a system of torture. Vella also alleged that following his declarations he has been placed in isolation and he cannot speak to persons outside the prison facilities. Reacting to these allegations, Minister Camilleri said he is eagerly looking forward to hear the testimonies of prison employees.

In 2007 Brian Vella had been found guilty of the homicides on 10th February of 2000 of his neighbours, Ġeraldu aged 79 and Ġuża Grima aged 63. They had just returned to their apartment in Santa Luċija after attending the St Paul feast celebrations in Valletta and were found bound and suffocated with tape around their nostrils and mouths.

In ulterior procedures launched this morning before the Criminal Courts, Vella requested the Court to decree he be transferred to the Forensic Section at Monte Carmeli Hospital.